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Why, more than ever, it is essential to share our knowledge about saving to our children.

I felt that it would be appropriate to share my opinion on the environment we live in today and how it affects our youth. Education is an essential component, yet it seems a basic education in critical areas of life is not often taught to our children. Subjects proper financial strategies, like budgeting, saving, and taking loans, may not be addressed. It is crucial for the next generation to have these skills, not only for their own well-being, but for the well-being of the economy as a whole. We may not always feel as confident in our own money management as we would like, but we owe it to our children to teach them what we know so they may avoid the same mistakes we have made.

By educating our children about debt, interest, saving, spending, and the power of compounding interest, our future could be enriched with enough money to assist with the greater good. Money is not everything, and we all know it can lead to problems if taken advantage of or obtained in fast and significant amounts. Still, it can lead to good if one is educated in money management. Sharing our financial stories through good times and bad can help our youth define the importance of financial security. Proper education can help relieve anxiety, allow people to spend more time with family, make smarter decisions, obtain a more profitable career, and set a standard for the importance of money. Yet even some of the most prestigious positions we know of lack financial education, even in most in Ph.D. and Masters level courses, which often lead to debt. Then when it is time to pay the debt, there is no structure in place to defeat it. I believe that education is the master key to our society in so many ways. Additionally, we cannot be fearful of sharing our experiences with our youth, and we do not want them to make the same mistakes. By sharing our stories and experiences we have had with money, we teach our children what it means to save and defeat poverty. We should not leave this topic behind as it could assist shape our culture and send a message of hope that we can accomplish what America is all about. Opportunity! Opportunity, I have been so blessed to experience because of education, work ethic, and saving.

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